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Ball Puzzle is the maker of unique, rarified, and
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  • The mission of Ball Puzzle is to give sports fans fun and challenging
    ways to both test their knowledge and learn more about the sports they love.

    Self-proclaimed sports trivia expert and
    master puzzle maker, Clayton DuVall
    captures the interest of both sports trivia
    brainiacs and novices alike with his crossword,
    logic, and other mind-bending puzzles.

    Ball Puzzle produces puzzles for a wide variety of
    printed media.

    If you are interested in including a Ball Puzzle puzzle
    in your newspaper, magazine, program, or any other
    printed publication that you have, feel free to contact us
    and we will be happy to design a puzzle or puzzles
    that accommodate your specific needs.

    We are very excited about our puzzles and the opportunity
    to share with you or your readership our enthusiast approach
    to sports trivia.

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